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Will Hunt joins us and chooses to amuse himself at the expense of louise red. Unimpressed with her efforts to charm him in a pretty lace bodice, he tells her "I'm going to make you scream", and proceeds to deliver on his promise. She is hung in wrist straps, and as he batters her thighs, with a brutal inch thick cane, a wooden cosh and a leather paddle. A solid wooden stick is used to beat her ass, and her pretty lingerie is cut from her body, leaving her naked and helpless. The beating continues, rotating the heavy cane, wooden stick and a baseball bat, to her ass and stomach. He repeatedly punches her in the belly, then throws her to the floor, where the stick and cosh continue her ordeal. She is made to stand without support and bend over, as blows rain down from leather straps and paddles, until she collapses in a sobbing heap on the floor.

But Will is far from finished. She is once more hauled to her feet and hung in the straps for a viscous bull-whipping. Struggling to control herself, she tries to follow his instructions and be brave, but thrown once more to the floor, he explains that being a good girl won't help her, as she is being hurt simply because he likes to hurt women. This lesson is impressed upon her, as she is made to repeat back why she is suffering, while she is lashed with belts and whips, dragged by her hair, and screams and sobs against the horror of her situation. He yells in her face, making her repeat why this is happening to her, as the cosh lands blow after blow, until she slumps to the floor crying uncontrollably, knowing there was nothing she could say or do to placate him. Knowing the pain and humiliation she feels gives him pleasure in itself. Knowing there is no justice.

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