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Colorful, bubbly, bunny is dragged into the cold dank cellar by her hair. Magick rains down slaps to her face and body, and manhandles her, tearing her panties into her cunt, and her clothes from her body. A cane is used to stripe her whole body, her nipples are twisted and torn, and punches hammer into her belly. Strung up by her hair, and gagged with the tatters of her underwear, a thorough, full body caning is administered, amidst constant, unremitting face slaps. Bulldog clips bite into her nipples and nose as the beating continues, and finally bite deep and directly into her clitoris as a single tail whip replaces the cane.

A cattle prod is used to deliver powerful electric shocks to her body, and an electrical arc lighter burns away her pubic hair, while delivering more sharp shocks, until she is made to hold open her cunt to receive the prod directly inside her most delicate flesh. Finally, a heavy cattle coaxer is used to deliver continuous shocks across her flesh and into her cunt, before a belt is used to beat it until she orgasms.

Thumbtacks are scattered on the cold stone floor, and bunny is thrown down face first, her flesh ground into the tacks and the dirt, as she is whipped, rolled on the tacks and trampled. She is kicked repeatedly in the cunt, and made to orgasm over and over again as she squirms in the tacks and dirt. Finally thumbtacks are ground directly into her sopping cunt, and she is left in a heap, to contemplate her new life as a ShadowSlave.

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